Seattle Salsa Dance News: Workshops for both Leads and Follows with Charlene Rose – September 21, 2009


World Salsa Champion Charlene Rose
Monday – September 21, 2009. 6:30pm – 9:10pm
Workshops for both Leads & Follows!

Returning from LA World Salsa Champion," Charlene Rose will be offering 2.5 hours workshops you won't want to miss!
55 students attended her last visit Seattle in Oct., see photos and students comments from last workshop:

A) Salsa Intermediate & Advance Partnering with Spin & Style w/Charlene asst. by Jim. 1.5 hrs 6:30pm-8pm: Both leads and follows. Ladies, Charlene will be offering lots of styling with partnering. Leads, if you like drop in Intermediate/Advance classes, here it is! You know all about the tricked out patterns that I will be delivering, the last half hour we'll be focusing on spins traveling spin for the ladies, leads I'll show you how to triple spins or more for the follow and yet keeping her center and stopping on a dime, spot spins for both lead and follows, a lot of emphasis will be placed on technique and details from Charlene.

B) Afro-Cuban Body Movement with Charlene, 1 hrs 8:10pm-9:10pm: Both leads and follows of (All levels). "This is a very fun workshop". To start, Charlene will take you through isolations of all the body parts, and show you how to integrate those isolations in your dancing. This class will help loosen up the body, and teach you how to add more suppleness to your movement. Charlene will also lead you through some basic Afro-Cuban movements such as Guaguanco, among others, that will add a lot of flavor to your dancing.
This class is HIGHLY recommended for any level dancer. The techniques learned in this class will be VERY helpful in your dancing, whether you just do it socially or for performance.

1.5 hrs of Partnering w/Styling & Spins (leads & follows) $24 if paid in advance or $28 at the door.
1 hr Afro-Cuban Body Movement (leads & follows) $16 if paid in advance or $20 at the door.
Both workshop for $38 if paid in advance, $45 at the door.
please note that Paypal fee will apply.

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