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This is it! It's finally here, and wow, it's on a major, major sale. Check this out, SalsaCrazy Beginning (and Intermediate too) Mastery System is on Amazon, and it's on a crazy, crazy, sale! This is rare – I have never seen Amazon off our DVDs at this price before. This is a great, great, deal!


Learn how to dance salsa dance with this amazing step by step system that teaches you how to dance salsa. It's totally progressive in nature, covers a massive 3 DVDs, and is beyond anything else you've ever seen on the market. It's the silver bullet you've been looking for, and right now, has it on a Major sale (like, a really, really, major sale).

These DVDs have helped countless people master salsa dancing, but what really makes the special is their incredibly detailed and step by step instruction! They are designed for people, like myself, whom needed understandable, clear, detailed instruction, with practice and music. They are fantastic (and they have a complete money back guarantee). Get your set now on Amazon for a great price, here, SalsaCrazy Beginning (and Intermediate too) Mastery System. I have no idea how long this great deal will last, and Amazon might end it at any time.

I want to tell you about our upcoming Salsa Cruise, but I don't want to minimize the importance of the great deal above for our DVD set. So let me say just one more thing. This is the DVD set I wish I had when I was learning how to salsa dance. It would have made learning so much easier, since it breaks down the dance far more than any other instructor (or DVD set) that I've seen. I see countless people whom struggle with learn how to dance, and these DVDs will help you beyond your wildest dreams. Why? Solid basics, a lot of repetition, clear instruction, detailed instruction, close ups of various tips and dance steps, and more. They are designed to help, and they do.

Ok, do you have the SalsaCrazy Beginning (and Intermediate too) Mastery System? You got a great deal (thank you Amazon!). Now it's time to put those moves into action on a … dance cruise! Yes, a dance cruise. A great vacation, usually 7 or 8 days, to exotic ports of call. Every day, dancing, learning, dancing, eating, dancing, drinking and exotic ports of call (ie Adventure). Did I mention dancing? These cruises are an exceptional dance vacation. I wanted to tell you about our next one, since it's something special.

Our next dance cruise is to the Mediterranean, for 12 days. This won't appeal to everyone. It's long, it leaves out of Venice (no, not Venice beach), and it's bigger, grander, and more crazy than most of our cruises, but if you're looking for adventure in the Med – this is your cruise. You can see it on our site, It may be out of reach for some, so rest assured, we have our regular Caribbean cruise in the works for early 2013, but if you have the time (and yes, money), this cruise is exceptional. A real treat!

Hope you grab the DVDs on sale, and hop on board our next cruise. You'll want to at least visit the website and get on the email list so you'll be notified of future events and cruise.

Here's some of our other Amazon DVDs! :)


And now, SalsaCrazy Advanced (for the Advanced dancers there, or high level intermediate):


I'm back! That's right, our Dance Cruise just got back from it's seven day adventure through the Caribbean (out of New Orleans), and I have to say, it was spectacular. Our large group left out of New Orleans, and visited Cozumel, Grand Caymen, and yes, Jamaica (mon).

After 10 years of dance cruises, this one still managed to hold some fantastic surprises, and will go down as one of our best cruises. It's amazing how not just our group, but also all of our instructors and event managers, have really perfected the art of dance cruising. ;) I really had a great time, and yes, I (SalsaCrazy guy), am looking forward to my next cruise.

Our next cruises are in October, and while I will not be onboard those events, I recommend them greatly. The first is sailing with Juan Gil (on a 12 day adventure through the Mediterranean), and is one of the most massive, exciting, and downright adventurous cruises we have ever offered. Twelve days going SalsaCrazy in the Mediterranean? How great is that. Yes, you can register for that one now, (and more details at bottom of email).

The second cruise, with Francisco and Stacy Martinez (7 Days to Mexico), looks to bring back the memories of our many fantastic cruises to Mexico, and sets sail from the West Coast (which is a little closer than Venice, Italy – for the cruise above).

Yes, both of these are SalsaCrazy Cruises, yes, you can book both of them with our partners, DanceFun, and yes, you'll get some special deals for saying "SalsaCrazy" every other word. Check the website for specifics, or feel free to call in at, 405-282-8989 (or toll fee 866-326-2338) – but don't forget to mention SalsaCrazy! ;)

What cruise will I be attending next? When is my next Salsa Cruise? I have my eyes set on the early 2013 timeframe for a return to the Caribbean, and I hope to have details on that cruise available on our website within a week or two.  Unfortunately, I can't be on all the cruises (without a clone), so I have to pick and choose my cruises.

But, if you want a dose of SalsaCrazy, or just want to master your salsa dancing, there's a great way to do it with our dance videos.  We have a whole series of dance videos available, both on our own websites, or on (you're choice), I'll link to my favorites below:

Learn to Salsa Beginners 3 Pack (On Amazon!)

Salsa Dance Mastery System (Includes 3 pack, plus intermediate, On Amazon!)

Bachata Dance Mastery (3 Pack, On Amazon!)

Yes, even a Ballroom Dance Mastery system, we affectionately call the Wedding Dance Mastery System (but really, it's the ultimate primer to Ballroom Dance). Note: Even thought it's April Fools, this is not an April Fools Joke – this product is amazing, and it really does exist! ;)

Plus many more, you can see our full schedule over at, or on the Dance Video store (Full money back guarantee – you'll love these DVDs). So take us home with you – we want to come over.

Oh, and consider a salsa cruise as your next vacation choice! We have the following websites for a singles cruise too. Hope to see you onboard!


How to Salsa Dance? A painful question for many, as learning to dance salsa is not an especially easy task. In fact, learning to dance just about any dance can be a humbling experience. It was this humbling feeling, along with the desire to get my friends to start dancing with me, that launched my initial foray into salsa dance video production.

For me, Salsa Dancing is a uniquely social experience, grounded almost entirely in the passion of the music. When I started dancing, it was before the creation of dance teams, troupes, congresses, and the entire economic models those things created.  Salsa dancing has come a long way since then, but at it's core, it's still an immensely popular social dance.  The goal and purpose of the salsa dance videos were to share the passion, but also create a real step by step system that allows you to dance with anyone, anywhere, anytime, to any music, and still have a great time.

Chances are that you, reading this right now, stumbled upon salsa dance at a local club, dance studio, or even a ballroom. Perhaps you heard the music, fell in love with it, or just found yourself dancing late at night when an as yet uknown latin rythym came on that spoke to you.  That led to dance lessons, perhaps private lessons too, and a fantastic (and sometime arduous) journey of the beginning salsa dance student. It can be tough, and I found my friends sometimes dropping off, and not reaching the level of a "social dancer". How could I help?

How to Salsa Dance, with a progressive 5 dvd system, that takes you from your very first steps and coddles you forward to intermediate levels. It's very basic at the start, very clear, with a fair amount of repetition, also done with music, to really help my friends internalize it. While it's not easy to learn how to do any dance, with the Salsa Dance Mastery System, it allowed more of my friends to make the leap to becoming a social salsa dancer. For many, it was the missing piece of the puzzle – the practice, repetition, and step by step coach, that they needed to really learn how to dance.

And yes, years later, I can say with a humble heart, it really worked. Tons of my friends salsa dance, and rarely a day goes by that I don't hear how this system has helped someone learn to dance salsa. How great is that!?  If you find yourself at a plateau, or you find yourself struggling with learn to dance salsa, give the Salsa Dance Mastery System a try …

How about you – how's your salsa dancing journey?

Find it on Amazon: